Don't you deserve love?

Alchemy is the practice of transforming common metal into gold

It's an ancient art-- some say pseudoscience, some say mystical. In Paulo Coehlo's book, The Alchemist, we see Santiago on the search for the secrets of the alchemist so that he can learn his destiny and gain fortune. It's also on this journey that Santiago realizes the secret has been within him all along and that he could create this fortune once he discovered its true nature- love.

Have you been on a quest for your destiny and fortune? Have you been on a quest for love?

I've been on that journey of discovery since I was born, perhaps. As a child, I believed it was my role to make others around me comfortable by shrinking myself, limiting my needs, suppressing my desires. As a teen, I believed that others were better than me and who I was wasn't good enough. As a young adult, I believed that giving my all and building others up both at work and at home would motivate others to do the same for me. 

Needless to say, I learned some truly dysfunctional lessons about love. I thought:

  • Love requires sacrifice
  • Love gives a prize and reward
  • Love is superior to personal need
  • Love is external

Hitting my bottom (and a couple more below that) became the darkness for the seed of my self-love to sprout. 

I put one foot in front of the other and took one step at a time, gathering the tools I needed to sprout, bloom, and thrive. 

  • Who I am beyond titles, roles, and expectations
  • What I truly desired from life and the people in it
  • How to tap into my feelings and use them as clues
  • Which spiritual and metaphysical practices to support this learning and manifest my heart's desires

Simply put, I learned how to love myself and thrive beyond the self-doubt, disappointment, and uncertainty that miscarriage, divorce, breakups, and foreclosure brought.

My mission is to restore women's divinity, to teach them that they are powerful, beautiful, and majestic, to guide them through over-thinking, low self-esteem, playing small, silencing themselves. 

 I've curated my most important lessons and tools into this master class, Alchemy to Love. 

In this master-class, you will:

  1. Tap into your ability to be an alchemist for your own life
  2. Understand your unique identity and desires
  3. Create a blueprint for the love and relationships you want to attract
  4. Be given a toolbox of spiritual and metaphysical practices 

This class is for you if, as a woman,

  • You've believed you were "too much" and "not enough" in relationships
  • You’ve pursued multiple degrees, credentials, and titles so that you could be knowledge enough,     valuable enough, worthy enough, and valid
  • You're in a service-oriented field where you are constantly giving and pouring into others (teacher,     nurse, community organizer, etc)
  • You've recently left or are contemplating leaving a co-dependent relationship
  • You've silenced yourself or presented yourself a certain way to be pleasing and acceptable to others

If even one of these applies, I invite you to enroll today for $47.

Some class details:

  • Live  on July, 21st
  • 2 hours
  • Video conference via Zoom
  • Workbook included
  • Recording available for replay
  • Cart closes on the 19th 

You are powerful, you are majestic, you deserve love, AND you are capable of creating it. I invite you to begin your journey.

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